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سنتعلم  كيفية  عمل  دائرة  بسيطه لارسال الصوت  بواسطة الfiber

اولا الدائرة التي  سنعمل  عليها

LED Audio Transceiver using Optical Fiber

مكونات  الدائرة  وهي  :

المرسل : 

1) LED (Light Emitting Diode) including the holder:

To modulate the audio signal by convert it from electrical signal to optical signal

2) Sound source (music player).

3) Switch:

Turn ON-OFF the transmitter.

4) Audio output transformer:

It consists of an 8Ω coil and 1000Ω coil (Impedance matching are required for a maximum audio power transfer).

5) 2x Battery AA size:

The transmitter power source.

6) Board:

The transmitter components are installed on it

طبعا  الوسط الناقل ” media  ”  هو fiber اي  نوع  ابلاستك او  زجاج

The Receiver:

1) Photo resistor LDR (Light Dependent Resister):

To detect the optical signal.

2) 2x Battery AA size:

The receiver power source.

3) A stereo microphone jack.

4) Board:

The receiver components are installed on it

يمكننا  اضافة  مكبر للصوت  حتى  نقوم  بتكبير الصوت  بعد استلامه :

Amplifying Stage:

1) 741 op-amps.


741 op-amps.

) Feedback variable resistor (100KΩ) + 10KΩ fixed resistor:

Determine the gain of the amplifier.

3) 2x Switch:

Turn ON-OFF the amplifier.

4) 2x Battery 9V size:

The amplifier power source.

5) Audio jack.

6) Board.

The amplifier components are installed on it

مقترحات  لكم : 

  • Using IR (infrared) transmitter instead of LED and use it with a photodiode  OR phototransistor as a receiver, since:

1. The photo resistor it takes a slightly longer time to detect the light changes.

2. To decrease the effect of ambient light on the circuit.

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